The right bathroom accessories contribute to enhancing the overall impression of the bathroom. That's why we talk about the meaningful details. Check out our bathroom accessories, which with their clean lines bring together the decor in the bathroom - and experience how a consistent and stringent design line can help to elevate the entire design experience.

Sleek Bathroom Accessories Contribute to the Overall Impression

A well-decorated office or an atmospheric hotel decor requires love and thought in the small details - even in the bathroom. Otherwise, we risk losing the good overall impression. A well-known pitfall in the discipline of interior design is to put all effort into the rooms where we spend most of our time and not focus enough on the other rooms like the bathroom. If the overall design experience is to rise above the average, it is important to consider all rooms in the interior design project - including the bathroom. That's why we at FROST have developed a range of sleek bathroom accessories that not only meet practical functions but are also made of beautiful and durable materials and align with the Danish and Nordic design tradition.



Choose the Bathroom Accessories that Best Complement the Room

To cater for different interior styles and preferences, we at FROST offer our bathroom accessories in a wide range of different materials and appearances. Therefore, you will find our interior in both brushed and polished steel, brushed and polished gold, and brushed and polished copper, as well as matte white, matte black, and brushed black. What all materials have in common is a beautiful finish and a surface that is pleasant to touch and exudes finely crafted quality. This gives you good opportunities to choose exactly the material that best harmonizes with the rest of the room's decoration such as fixtures, furniture, and color and materials on walls and floors. Maybe you need to decorate a bathroom with relatively neutral color tones and want a striking touch of gold or copper - or the bathroom is decorated with colored tiles and textiles, and you therefore need simple and subdued bathroom accessories in steel, white, or black.



Timeless Danish Design Combined with Practicality and Comfort

At FROST, it's not just aesthetics that are paramount. It is just as important that all parts of our collections are useful in everyday life and meet the functionality we expect from them. The high demands for functionality apply whether we design a soap holder for the bath, a bathroom mirror, a towel hook, or a shelf. Design does not work without functionality and vice versa - and that's why we place such great emphasis on both at FROST. In addition, there is the question of comfort; simplified, it can be said that good interior design, and therefore also bathroom accessories, combine design, functionality, and comfort. In this way, our interior appeals to several senses - it should be inviting and aesthetically pleasing to look at, feel pleasant to touch, and be comfortable to use.



Inspired by Danish and Nordic Design Tradition

We have a great love for Danish and Nordic design with their clean lines and simple aesthetics. Therefore, we have teamed up with the most talented Danish designers who carry on the proud design traditions in all parts of our interior. The beauty of a simple and sleek design is that it can naturally be combined with a simple decor to create a calm style with clean lines - but it can also be combined with a more expressive decor to create a calm and balanced counterweight. This applies not least to our bathroom accessories, which for the same reason is an elegant addition to bathrooms of quite different character.