BUKTO 6005 » matt black/polished copper

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Clothes stand 100cm w/castors and copper top. Mobile clothes stand for the hallway, conference or hotel. Bottom plate for shoes and bags can be purchased separately. A coat stand is a piece of furniture typically found in the entryway or utility room, designed for hanging outerwear. Unlike a coat rack, a coat stand is freestanding and can be moved around the room. Coat stands come in a wide array of shapes and designs. Is there anything more stylish than a coat stand? A traditional piece of furniture with a long history behind it, now available in beautiful, modern designs. FROST offers coat stands made of steel and of the highest quality. With a weight of 22 kg, the coat stand stands firmly on the floor and can easily support all your outerwear. All FROST coat stands feature unique designs that you won't find anywhere else. The focus is not only on quality and function, but also on aesthetics and style. Together with FROST, you get a distinctive coat stand with a characteristic, sculptural look that will complement any modern Danish home. Sleek coat stand design in beautiful colors. For those who appreciate aesthetics and want to add personality and creativity to their coat stand, we offer models with various finishes. They fit perfectly into classic or modern design homes or offices. Moreover, the coat stands can be combined with the rest of our range of FROST entryway and wardrobe products. For instance, our UNU Hangers, or an UNU Mirror in matt black or polished copper. All these pieces of furniture will look elegant in the entryway, welcoming you and your guests.


Depth: 450mm
Height: 1560mm
Width: 1038mm
Weight: 18 kg.
Design: Bønnelycke mdd
Material: Steel/stainless st.
Color: Matt black/copper