WISHBONE Hall Stand » matt black/polished

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Wishbone is versatile and usable in both private and public spaces, entrance areas or sleeping rooms. Wishbone has received more international design awards. Polished top. A coat stand with a unique design. The Wishbone coat stand thus signifies optimism, possibilities, and potential. These are values many people wish to reflect, and it's partly why the unique expression of the Wishbone coat stand resonates so deeply with many individuals. With a Wishbone coat stand, you not only welcome your visitors in the most impressive way possible – you also send subtle signals that this is a home where people believe in the future, value hope and dreams, and project these wishes onto their guests. It's hard to imagine a symbol that could make anyone feel more welcome in a home.


Diameter: Ø350mm
Height: 1750mm
Weight: 17 kg.
Design: busk+hertzog
Material: Steel/stainless st.
Color: Black/polished