flexibility and elegance all in one

BUKTO is a design series consisting of a CLOTHES STAND, a LADDER, a SHELF SYSTEM, and a TROLLY. The series is designed by Bønnelycke mdd and reflects the FROST philosophy of creating timeless, minimalist, and durable designs.

BUKTO Wardrobe system

The BUKTO clothes stand is a free-standing clothing system made of steel and stainless steel with the highest degree of flexibility. The wardrobe solution is available in different sizes with accessories such as lockable wheels, mirrors, hooks etc. It is the perfect fit for anyone in need of a flexible, elegant, and stylish wardrobe solution.


The BUKTO clothes stand is available in Matt Black and Matt White with details in Polished Stainless Steel, Polished Copper, Polished Gold or Polished Black.



the BUKto Ladder

The BUKTO LADDER is a decorative ladder designed in a combination of steel and stainless steel. The ladder is available in different finish combinations with the base in either Matt Black or Matt White and details in polished FROST-finishes. The timeless design makes the ladder very useful as a decorative element in your interior decor. Use the ladder for towels in the bathroom.



The BUKto Shelf system and Trolly

The BUKTO shelf stands are made of steel and stainless steel. The shelves can be moved seamlessly and positioned at any hight, which makes it a very flexible shelf system with a light expression. The shelf stands are available in Matt Black and Matt White.


The BUKTO TROLLY is a serving table with wheels. The design of the trolly is based on the shelf stands with the same features as the rest of the shelf system. The trolly has a versatile design and can be used as a bar table or display table.