How are hotels, companies, and restaurants decorated with FROST products? Explore our references and see how architects and interior designers use FROST when designing bathrooms, entrances, meeting rooms, wardrobes, hotel rooms, kitchens, and other interior projects.




Decorating luxurious and comfortable hotels can be a challenge – especially the design of their bathrooms. Today, hotels consider well-decorated bathrooms as a given for the holistic experience of a hotel stay. Explore the references and see how the timeless and minimalist FROST designs contribute to hotel experiences with well-being and clean lines.




How do restaurants use FROST in their interior décor? See how the accessories from the NOVA2 series and the Pedal Bin complement the interior design of a well-known restaurant.




The interior décor of businesses and offices is an important factor to ensure the mental and physical well-being of employees. Explore how the timeless and minimalist FROST designs are essential details that complement the furniture and lamps in different environments.



Ships and Yachts 

The durable and timeless design of the FROST-products also work at sea, where functionality and design go hand in hand. Get inspired by the interior design and utilisation of space in the cabin bathroom of a motor yacht.




The FROST series offer a wide range of interior design options for private homes. Explore how the minimalist and functional designs are combined to express the personal style of the residents.