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Frost A/S gives access to Frostdenmark.com's website (From now on refered to as “website). You must read the terms and conditions carefully before the use of the website. By the use of this website you are accepting our terms of business as well as the use of cookies. You must be over the age of 18 to shop on this website.


All prices on the website are incl. Danish VAT of 25% and other tariffs. The prices are in today’s prices. When you are dealing with Frost A/S the terms are in English.    

Frost A/S and purchase on the website is subjected to Danish law.


Payment cards

At Frost A/S we accept the following credit cards:
• Dankort 
• Visa/Dankort 
• MasterCard  

We withdraw the money from your credit card the moment your commodities have left our warehouse. 


The delivery time is estimated to be 1-3 workdays after the confirmation of your order, if the product is in stock.
Orders are delivered with GLS or DSV air.


For Germany, Luxemburg, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, the Czech Republic and The Netherlands applies:
Free delivery on orders over EURO 600,-/DKK 4.999,- / SEK/NOK 7.999,-
Orders below this amount are subject to freight of EURO 25,- / DKK 199,- / SEK 319,-

For USA, Japan, Canada, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, England, Switzerland and the UAE applies:

Freight charge is EURO 25,- / DKK 199,- / SEK/NOK 319,-

For Denmark applies:

Free delivery on orders over DKK 4.999,-/EURO 600,- SEK/NOK 7.999,-
Orders below this amount are subject to freight of DKK 55,- / EURO 8,- / SEK/NOK 89,-


For business partners applies:
Individual terms and prices according to partner agreement.


We reserve the right to choose another form of delivery provided that the chosen delivery method is unsuitable. For instance, should the package be too big. If that means extra expenses for you, we will contact you before the delivery. 


For all orders the general rule is that delivery is guaranteed to the door in street level, but packages will usually be delivered to your door. Is the package too heavy for one person or are the access possibilities to difficult do you need to be ready to assist the carrier. Are you in doubt, then contact the customer service which will provide you with a solution. 


Delivery with GLS
Delivery with GLS is possible all days between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM (8.00 – 16:00). It is not possible to schedule a certain time interval for delivery beforehand. Should it not be possible to deliver the commodity due to the lack of a receiver, or the is it not possible to place the package anywhere, GLS will take the package with them again. In that case a delivery note will be left and GLS can be contacted for a new delivery date or different delivery address.


This agreement is solely between you and GLS. Do you want the package to be placed on your address should you note that under “Comments to delivery”. Remember that you at all times can contact us at info@frost.dk for information regarding your delivery and become a tracking number on your package.


Delivery on time
FROST A/S does everything possible to make sure your package is delivered on time. However, we cannot be made responsible for delays by GLS or other carriers. If your package is very delayed (i.e. several days or the package has disappeared during the transport), we will replace your items without any costs for you.


Please notice that delivery times are on workdays, where weekends and public holidays do not belong. 


If you have not received your package within the estimated delivery date, you are advised to contact us at info@frost.dk or telephone +45 87 61 00 32. 


Part delivery on your order
In general we do not split deliveries, unless a special agreement has been made. That means that even though most of the commodities are in stock, and one item somehow is out of stock, we will send all of your commodities when everything is in stock again and deliver it as one package. 


NOTE! If you choose to have the package placed on your address is it your own responsibility. If the package disappears from your address after it is placed correct, we do not refund your loss. 


Do your regret your purchase and wish to return your item should you contact us at info@frost.dk or on telephone: +45 87 61 00 32 beforehand. We will return as quickly as possible with the information on what you must do to return your commodity. This is important, since aberrations can increase our processing time and it will take longer time before we can return your money to you. 


30 days right of return
At FROST A/S we offer you 30 days right of return. The right of return is calculated from that day you receive your commodity. If you regret your purchase, you should return the commodity in significant same condition and quantity as when you received it. The right of return ceases if you return the commodity in such a way that the value is significant degraded.


How you regret your purchase
If you regret your purchase you can send the commodity to:


Frost A/S
Bavne Alle 32
8370 Hadsten


You can regret your purchase if you deny the delivery or by delivering the commodity personally at our office within our opening hours. 


If you regret your purchase of a commodity you are responsible for the delivery costs yourself upon the return to us. This applies to denying the delivery of the commodity as well. 

What must be returned?
When you return a commodity to us you are kindly asked to enlighten your delivery number or order number as well as writing a short description of why you wish to return your item. If we have the following information we can execute the process. 


By the purchase the original packing is a significant part of the value of the item. For that reason, you should return the packing. When the commodity is received, controlled and approved in our warehouse we will refund the purchase price to you within a few days.


It is very important that the commodity is properly wrapped up upon shipping. 
Please note!! We do not receive packages delivered per cash on delivery or the like. 


In the case of agreed discounts or prepaid commodities which are cancelled before shipping, a full or part of the purchase will be refunded depending on the agreement. 

We always refund to the account belonging to the credit card which was used doing the purchase. Do you wish to receive the money refunded on a different account, you should send your account information to us. It can take up to 10 workdays before you receive your refund.  



As customer at Frost A/S you always have 24 months of warranty. That means that if you can choose to either have your item repaired, exchanged, or receive a refund or a reduction in price, depending on the exact situation. 

Legitimate complaint
The complaint must be legitimate and for that reason the warranty does not cover defects, damages, or wears, direct or indirect as a result of mistaken usage, bad maintenance, violence or unauthorized interference. 

Complaint within reasonable time
You must send your complaint within “reasonable time” after the discovery of the defect on the purchased commodity. We recommend that you complain as fast as possible. If you complain within 2 months after the complaint has been discovered the complaint will be on time. 

When we receive and examine the item, we will estimate if the complaint is legitimate. If the complaint is legitimate we refund your shipping costs. Remember that shipping costs must be fair. 

You must ship to the following address:
Frost A/S
Bavne Alle 32
8370 Hadsten

Remember to state the problem regarding the returned item. Also remember to address your order number or invoice number as well as name and address. 

It is very important that the item is properly wrapped up when you ship the package to us. If you wish to have your delivery costs refunded it is necessary, that you receive a bill for the shipping. 

Please note!! We do not receive packages delivered per cash on delivery or the like. 

We always refund to the account belonging to the credit card which was used doing the purchase. Do you wish to receive the money refunded on a different account, you should send your account information to us. It can take up to 10 workdays before you receive your refund.  


Frost A/S will cancel your order if there is reasoned suspicion regarding payment abuse. All fake orders will be reported at the police. 

At Frost A/S we endeavor the information which is visible on the website and in the order confirmation are always correct. However, mistakes can happen in the shape of inaccuracies, keying mistakes, or system errors. In these cases, we kindly ask you as customer to have an understanding for the cancellation of the order.



If you wish to make a purchase on our website, we need the following information:


• Name
• Address
• Telephone number
• E-mail address


We need the following information about you to register the place of delivery. The information is registered at Frost A/S for 5 years after which they are deleted. 


Gathering and storage of information
When private information is gathered through our website, we assure you that we always do that with your consent, hence that you precisely informed is about which information is gathered and why. 


No private information which is registered at Frost A/S will at any time be given, sold or somehow made accessible to a third party. All gathered information is stored in adequate manor and is only available to the employees at Frost A/S. 


In relation to electronic payment we use a safe, encrypted and PBS-approved payment method through our webshop system.


Objection to registration
You always have the right to object to the registration of data at Frost A/S. You have the right to receive insight into the information we have registered about you. You have those rights through the law of privacy policy and in that relation you can send an e-mail to info@frost.dk or call us at tel. +45 87 61 00 32.    

Frost A/S is data responsible.


According to the law on electronic communication all who visit a website with cookies be informed on the following:


•The website contains cookies
•How those cookies are used
•How cookies can be avoided


What are cookies?
On www.frostdenmark.com cookies are used with the goal on optimizing the website and the functionality of it to ease your visit. A cookie is a small file – a digital business card – which the website stores on your computer on the first visit on the website. The applied cookie identifies your computer, but not you as visitor on the website. The task of the file is to inform the website when you return as a visitor. The use of cookies does not compromise your security and you can at any time turn the function off in your browser. A cookie is not dangerous for your computer at all.


How are cookies used?
Cookies are partly used to optimize and simplify things for you as a visitor. For instance, the contents of the shopping cart and partly for intern statistics on the use of the website. Furthermore, it is possible to ask the system to save your own delivery information when you visit next time. Do you wish to delete that information at a later time, you can do it through the settings on your computer. 


Log statistics
www.frostdenmark.com also uses cookies for log statistic and marketing. That means that a statistic system gathers information which can show a statistical picture of how many visitors we have on our website, where they are from, and where the visitor on the website leaves the website etc. The log statistic have the purpose to optimize the website and its functions to your advantage as customer.

How you delete cookies
If you wish to, the created cookies can be deleted. In Internet Explorer you do the following under menu: “Functions” -> “Internet settings” -> “Delete cookies”.