Architectural Hardware

Architectural Hardware is a timeless series of lever handles, thumb turn sets, escutcheons, and door stops. The series is made of stainless steel AISI 304 and is available in 8 FROST-finishes. The designs are created by Bønnelycke mdd, buskt+hertzog, and Paul Leroy.


Our architectural hardware collection makes it possible to create a consistent architectural design theme by adding the last details that combine aesthetics with function.

Lever handles

The series offers 7 designs of lever handles, of which several designs are available in 2 sizes. The design of the lever handles ranges from organic shapes to the more stringent and square expression. The various designs and the selection of FROST-finishes makes it possible to find the exact lever handle that matches your interior design.



Thumb Turn Sets and escutcheons

The series also includes a range of thumb turns and escutcheons that matches the lever handles to perfection. The thumb turns and escutcheons are available in 8 FROST-finishes as well as 3 versions (center, modul, and assa) that fit different lock cases and doors



Door Stops

The series include a selection of door stoops. The design is elegant and discreet with a focus on either cylindrical or rectangular shapes. The door stops are made of stainless steel and black rubber, which gently stops the door and prevent the wall from damage.


The door stops can be mounted on the wall or floor and are available in up to 9 FROST-finishes.