A coat stand is a piece of furniture typically found in the entryway or utility room, designed for hanging outerwear. Unlike a coat rack, a coat stand is freestanding and can be moved around the room. Coat stands come in a wide array of shapes and designs.

Stunning coat stand in black, white, copper, or gold

Is there anything more stylish than a coat stand? A traditional piece of furniture with a long history behind it, now available in beautiful, modern designs. FROST offers coat stands made of steel and of the highest quality. With a weight of 17 kg, the coat stand stands firmly on the floor and can easily support all your outerwear.

All FROST coat stands feature unique designs that you won't find anywhere else. The focus is not only on quality and function, but also on aesthetics and style. Together with FROST, you get a distinctive coat stand with a characteristic, sculptural look that will complement any modern Danish home.



Sleek coat stand design in beautiful colors

For those who appreciate aesthetics and want to add personality and creativity to their coat stand, we offer models with various finishes. Check out, for example, our beautiful Wishbone Brushed Gold or BUKTO Matte Black/polished Copper. Both fit perfectly into classic or modern design homes or offices.

Moreover, the coat stands can be combined with the rest of our range of FROST entryway and wardrobe products. For instance, our Wishbone Table, an UNU Hanger, or an UNU Mirror in brushed gold. All these pieces of furniture will look elegant in the entryway, welcoming you and your guests.



Wishbone coat stand – an award-winning design icon

FROST's award-winning Wishbone Coat Stand is designed and created by Busk + Hertzog. With multiple international awards to its name, this unique piece of furniture is not only recognized but has also become an established modern classic in many homes and offices worldwide.

The name Wishbone holds a deeper meaning worth highlighting. At first glance, a wishbone may seem like a mere branch, and one might be tempted to think that it symbolizes something going in different directions. That's one way to interpret it. However, a wishbone is more often seen as a symbol of luck, hope, and bright prospects.



A coat stand with a unique design

The Wishbone coat stand thus signifies optimism, possibilities, and potential. These are values many people wish to reflect, and it's partly why the unique expression of the Wishbone coat stand resonates so deeply with many individuals.

With a Wishbone coat stand, you not only welcome your visitors in the most impressive way possible – you also send subtle signals that this is a home where people believe in the future, value hope and dreams, and project these wishes onto their guests. It's hard to imagine a symbol that could make anyone feel more welcome in a home.



Crossway coat stand – where people meet

Busk and Hertzog designed the unique FROST Crossway coat stand. At 170 centimeters, Crossway is the ideal height and can accommodate jackets, sweaters, scarves, and much more. The top is rotatable, so you can always find an available hook.

The symbolism of a Crossway – a cross or junction – is quite special. It's not just a physical reality that we all encounter daily as we navigate traffic – it can also be understood figuratively.

We all come to crossroads in life sooner or later. They're associated with the choices we face and the decisions we have to make. This applies not only to practical considerations, such as where to live and what to do for a living, but also to deeper reflections. Who are we as individuals? What do we stand for? What role model are we for our children or others who look up to us?



The coat stand as a meeting place

FROST's unique design of the Crossway coat stand symbolizes a meeting point with others. Where roads intersect, so do people through relationships. This applies to our close acquaintances whom we know well, as well as strangers we welcome into our homes or workplaces. The Crossway coat stand encompasses the social aspect of functionality and design for the practically oriented individual.

Crossway is the simple, discreet, and elegant solution for those who appreciate simplicity in their everyday lives while also valuing beautiful design and welcoming guests in the most presentable way possible.