A gallery shelf is an aesthetic and practical way to showcase the objects you want to give a little extra attention. It makes it easy to change the decorations on the wall, whether you want to display photos, drawings, or small trinkets. See the selection here.

Use a single or multiple gallery shelves

In some places, a single gallery shelf is the perfect choice for showcasing a couple of pictures, drawings, or decorative trinkets. If you choose a long gallery shelf measuring one meter, you have space for several objects, and you can always change them as needed. It may also be that you have a small section of wall that lacks decoration. With a gallery shelf, you have a flexible option to customize the look you want to create in the room. You can also achieve a dynamic look by placing multiple gallery shelves in close proximity to each other. Perhaps you have a series of paintings or posters that you would like to present together, and here, a series of gallery shelves can be the solution. They can be hung neatly in rows or above and below each other, or you can choose a more unorganized look. It can be particularly interesting to place the gallery shelves with a more random arrangement if you have a large surface to work with.



Gallery shelf in black or white, designed to highlight your favorite objects

Our gallery shelves are available in a matte black and a matte white version. This allows you to play with different looks - often you will probably have a white wall available, giving you the opportunity to choose a shelf that contrasts with the wall or a shelf that blends in with its background. The shelves are made of aluminum and come in different lengths, giving you even more possibilities to create a unique combination of shelves. The colors of the images or objects you want to display can also influence your choice of color for the gallery shelf itself. Perhaps you feel that black frames also require a black gallery shelf to create coherence - or maybe they should be placed on a white shelf that doesn't compete with the pictures for attention. With your choice of color, you can create completely different looks and play with both tone-on-tone expressions and contrasts.



A simple design language with a focus on functionality

At FROST, our philosophy is that sleek design should go hand in hand with functionality and usability. Our designs draw inspiration from the Danish and Nordic tradition of clean lines and a minimalistic expression - and we only collaborate with the most talented designers and architects to achieve the standard we believe interior design should have. That's why you will only find gallery shelves with us that are meticulously thought out to the last detail. They are intended for displaying art and decorative objects, but they are also an aesthetic addition to the room itself. In our view, if you want to do justice to your exhibited artworks, it is important that the quality shines through down to the gallery shelf you have chosen to showcase them on. In the UNU series, which our gallery shelves are a part of, you will also find a wide range of interior designs with other purposes - but what they all have in common is that they speak the same language and can be used to build a well-thought-out design concept, right down to clothes hangers, hooks, and mirrors. This makes it easy for you to create the coherence in the interior that is so important for creating a harmonious space that is pleasant to be in.