A toilet brush is necessary in any bathroom, but it is rarely an aesthetic addition. We have changed that at FROST, where you can find toilet brushes in different designs and finishes that complement all types of decor. See our entire selection here.

Choose a toilet brush in the right finish

Although a toilet brush is rarely a central part of the decor, it can make sense to consider it and choose a solution that complements the overall design style. At FROST, we work with nine different finishes, and our toilet brushes are available in all of them:

Polished and brushed gold

Polished and brushed copper

Polished and brushed steel

Matte and brushed black

Matte white

This means that no matter which finish you have chosen for the rest of the bathroom interior, you can find a toilet brush with the same expression to complete the decor. It's the small details that differentiate a standard design from a good one, and a toilet brush in the right material is precisely such a detail.



Find toilet brushes for both floor and wall

In our selection, you can find both a toilet brush for wall mounting and for freestanding on the floor. Each model has its advantages - a wall-mounted model frees up floor space, and in hotels and other places where cleaning is often done, it is an advantage not to have to move it around. A toilet brush with a floor-standing holder is easy to move as needed and is generally a more flexible solution. Additionally, it requires no installation. Whether you need a toilet brush for wall mounting or a freestanding model, you can find one in a finish that fits your interior concept. This way, you can have a toilet brush that doesn't need to be hidden away but occupies a natural place in the bathroom's decor.



Choose a toilet brush with a square or cylindrical holder

When determining the direction of your decor, it's not just about colors and materials - it's also about finding the right shapes and expressions for each piece of interior. Are you working with rounded or sharp-edged forms, and are you trying to create an organic or sharp and streamlined expression? We have designed toilet brushes that fit into several different types of decor. A toilet brush from the QUADRA series is placed in a square holder with sharp lines and a minimalist expression, while the cylindrical holder from the NOVA2 series is rounded and softer in its expression. You can choose to combine your toilet brush with other elements from the same series to create a cohesive look, or you can use it to create an interesting contrast.



Let design and function go hand in hand with FROST

We produce design interior that simultaneously extends the proud Nordic design tradition and is designed with function, durability, and strength in mind. This means that products like our toilet brushes are suitable for public spaces, hotels, museums, and much more. Our approach is based on combining the clean lines and tight aesthetics of Danish and Nordic design with interior that is designed to be used in everyday life. If you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to contact our customer service at +45 8761 0032 or If you are interested in experiencing our interior up close before making a purchase, you can visit our showrooms by appointment in either Copenhagen or Hadsten. We look forward to welcoming you and showing you our stylish design series.