A hat shelf is close to indispensable in the wardrobe. It can not only be used for hats but also for other smaller garments such as scarves, gloves, or even bags. Here you can see our selection of stylish hat shelves with different finishes, and they can also be obtained with hooks and hangers.

Find the right Coat rack for your wardrobe

Although hats may not be as prevalent in the wardrobe as they used to be, the hat shelf has not lost its relevance. It can be used for all kinds of items that you may need to set aside in the wardrobe, ranging from caps, gloves, and scarves to umbrellas and bags. Whether you are furnishing a small wardrobe in a hotel room, or if it is a larger wardrobe area in a restaurant, concert hall, or something entirely different, the hat shelf is an important element. Therefore, we offer both short hat shelves for small entrances and long hat shelves that can be used to furnish larger wardrobes. Of course, they can also be placed end-to-end so you can have the exact length you need. In combination with hooks, hangers, and garment racks, you can create the optimal wardrobe with a hat shelf.



Choose between coat racks with and without a hanging rod and hooks

A hat shelf from FROST can have several different appearances, which gives you great creative freedom in your interior design project. Firstly, there are different lengths available, so the hat shelf can fit in many places. Secondly, you can choose a hat shelf with either hooks or a combination of hooks and a hanging rod. The hanging rod can be placed parallel or perpendicular to the shelf and can have different lengths depending on the length of the hat shelf you choose. There are also shelves with a different number of hooks, where the shortest one has a single hook and a short hanging rod. By choosing between the different versions, you can find exactly the expression and functionality you need for your interior design. You can also advantageously combine several different hat shelves if that is what meets your needs for wardrobe space and storage.



A Coat Rack with a finish that matches the interior

At FROST, we work with different finishes for our interior: brushed and polished steel, gold and copper, as well as matte and brushed black and matte white. The different finishes are consistent across series and product categories in order to enable a cohesive design executed in the same materials and finishes. This creates a stylish and harmonious unity that can provide a clear thread throughout the design concept. That is why our hat shelves are also available in different finishes and combinations of materials. The hat shelf itself is designed in variations of black and white, while the hooks and hanging rods can have several different finishes. This flexibility means that you can easily find the right hat shelf for the space you are about to furnish.



FROST is design and functionality combined

At FROST, we work every day to design interiors that fulfill their intended practical purposes and contribute to a stylish and simple Nordic design. Design and function go hand in hand, and our primary task is to enable you to furnish spaces that are both inviting and meet the demands for comfort and functionality of our time. We adhere to the proud Nordic and Danish design tradition with clean lines and simple aesthetics at the forefront. Therefore, you will find that our design interiors seamlessly fit into a variety of different settings, whether they are meant to blend into an already simple design or complement a more colorful space.