A bathroom waste bin is a waste container designed for use in the bathroom. It's often a pedal bin as it allows for hygienic disposal of waste without having to touch the lid. Bathroom waste bins are usually smaller in size and made of steel.

FROST Bathroom Waste Bins in Black or White

Whether we're talking about a bathroom, toilet, or guest toilet, it's not a room that should be overlooked when it comes to interior design. Many may overlook the bathroom or toilet because it's not a living space - it's just where you bathe, get ready in the morning, and dispose of waste. Why not make more of it than necessary? FROST wants to challenge this way of thinking. As part of our complete and cohesive design universe, you'll also find stylish bathroom waste bins of the same high quality and durability as all our other furniture and interior solutions. At the same time, our bathroom waste bins feature the same attractive and timeless minimalist design. We've chosen this design because a bathroom waste bin is not just a waste bin - it's part of the decor of your bathroom. And the decor always says something about you. Have you followed through with the style or have you neglected certain areas? With a bathroom waste bin from FROST, you can be sure that the high standard is maintained - even if it's "just" in the bathroom. We offer our classic bathroom waste bins in black or white. They come in a finish that's either brushed, matte, or polished. The lid can be either gold, steel, or copper. In other words, you can find stylish bathroom waste bins with different details in black or white here at FROST.



A stylish black bathroom waste bin from FROST

Black never goes out of style and is an eternal favorite in Scandinavian decor. Modern homes have plenty of black colors, and metal has also made its way into interior design. That's why a black bathroom waste bin from FROST in stainless steel is an obvious choice. Our black bathroom waste bins are of the highest quality. You'll be able to see and feel it when you hold it in your hands. At the same time, a black bathroom waste bin conveys style, elegance, and discretion - precisely what you want from a waste bin. You can combine the black look with a lid in different colors, depending on your own taste. Our golden copper color adds a bit of radiance and warmth to the room, while our silver steel lid evokes associations of wealth, hygiene, and glamour. Silver is known as a color that signals balance and stability, while copper color stands for prosperity, beauty, and joy of life.



FROST Bathroom Waste Bins - More Than Just a Waste Container

When the Danish brand FROST was founded in 2002, we already had big dreams. Dreams of offering all homes a complete design universe of timeless, beautiful, and durable furniture and interior in stainless steel. It was a dream based on good, traditional craftsmanship and modern Danish design. Who would have thought that twenty years later, we have not only fulfilled this dream but have also won international recognition and established FROST as a well-known and beloved brand, now standing as a leading name in style and design? Our original dream has been expanded, and now we aim even higher. We are therefore proud to offer you and your home stylish solutions, even when it comes to something as simple as a bathroom waste bin. Because we understand that for many people, it's about more than just a waste container. A bathroom waste bin should be just as attractive, inviting, and sleek as the rest of the environment in the bathroom. This is precisely what you get with one of FROST's unique bathroom waste bins of the highest quality.



Practical and Modern Pedal Bins for the Bathroom

FROST's unique pedal bin for the bathroom can be operated exclusively with your foot. The clever spring-operated pedal means that the lid can be lifted easily and quickly without having to touch the lid or the bin itself, ensuring hygienic disposal of waste. At the same time, you avoid having to bend down to reach the bin with your hands. This ensures practical and hygienic disposal of your waste. Our pedal bins for the bathroom are so easy to use that they can be operated without any problems by both children and older people. The mechanism for opening the lid is made of durable quality springs and hinges, and you'll find that a pedal bin for the bathroom from FROST not only lasts for years but also remains easy to operate. When the pedal bin needs to be emptied, simply step on the pedal, remove the bag, and replace it with a new one. It's an easy, quick, and, most importantly, hygienic process.