A round mirror is a reflective surface that creates an image. Mirrors are found in virtually all homes and are used in rooms such as the bathroom, hallway, and bedroom. Round mirrors come in many sizes and with different frames, or lack thereof. They can be both oval or circular. Regardless, they give the decor an aesthetic boost.

Small Round Mirrors in Timeless Design

Are you looking for small round mirrors? And do you care about both style and quality? Then FROST is undoubtedly a match for you. We have small round mirrors with narrow metal frames. Our small round mirrors are available in diameters of either 40 cm or 60 cm. What they both have in common is that they come with various appealing frames. Whether you prefer polished or matte, gold, silver, or copper, or simply black or white, we have it in our collection. Small round mirrors work well in smaller rooms or in places where they do not play a central role. It could be in the hallway, where many other pieces of furniture and items on the walls also take up space, but where a mirror fits nicely. Or it could be over the dressing table, where you mainly need to see your hair and face. If you have a guest toilet with limited space, a small round mirror would also be an ideal way to add style and elegance to the room without it being overpowering.



Large Round Mirrors in Sleek Look

FROST carries large round mirrors in two different sizes: 80 cm and 100 cm in diameter. Both sizes are part of our UNU series, which matches the rest of the range in the series and can therefore be combined with many of our other pieces of furniture. Large round mirrors work well in rooms where there is plenty of space. A large round mirror will take up a central position and serve as a fantastic focal point. It is particularly well-suited to bathrooms and bedrooms but can also be used in other rooms. Round mirrors help break up sharp edges and can advantageously be set up in rooms where there are not many other soft lines. In this way, you maintain the sleek look without it becoming too rigid. All our large round mirrors have narrow (30 mm) aluminum frames. They are available in black, white, gold, silver, copper, brushed, and polished. There is something for every taste. What is common is that all our large round mirrors maintain the beautiful, Nordic style and will therefore fit perfectly into all modern homes.



Round Black Mirror in Many Sizes

FROST has beautiful round mirrors with black frames. We call the series UNU, and the mirrors therefore match all other furniture and accessories in the series. The frame of our round black mirrors is 30 mm deep, and the material is aluminum, so you don't have to worry about rust or corrosion. We have round black mirrors in four different sizes: large (100 cm), medium (80 cm), small (60 cm) and smallest (40 cm). So you will find a round black mirror in exactly the size you are looking for, whether it is a large round mirror for the bathroom or a small round mirror for the hallway. Our black round mirrors can also be combined, so that several different sizes are hung on the same wall. Here, it's only your imagination that sets the limit, and you can create a unique expression for your room by distributing the mirrors exactly as you like. We also have a round black mirror with an integrated magnifying glass. This makes the mirror ideal for use when applying makeup, putting on jewelry, or other small tasks. The magnifying glass is located near the frame and does not take up much space, meaning that the rest of the mirror can still be used as normal.