A wall-mounted toilet brush has several advantages - it is discreet in the interior, it facilitates cleaning in the bathroom, and it does not take up unnecessary space. Additionally, the wall-mounted toilet brushes from FROST are available in a selection of stylish designs and finishes, making them a part of the interior in an aesthetic way.

Find a wall-mounted toilet brush in black, white, or various metals

When you want to elevate an interior concept from good to fantastic, it's the small details that make the difference. It's about being able to present a cohesive idea where nothing is left to chance, and no elements deviate from the chosen direction. Therefore, at FROST, we offer wall-mounted toilet brushes in various finishes and surfaces. A toilet brush may not be the highest priority in an interior design, but it should nevertheless be considered to create a cohesive impression. That's why we offer wall-mounted toilet brushes in black, white, steel, copper, and gold. The black and white models have a matte finish, while the metal versions are available in both a brushed and polished version. This gives you ample opportunity to choose from the many surfaces and find a finish that fits your vision for the space you are decorating.



Wall-mounted toilet brushes that combine function and design

At FROST, our approach to design is that all our interior products should encompass both the aesthetic and practical aspects. This also applies to our wall-mounted toilet brushes. In everything we do, we strive to combine the Nordic design tradition, characterized by clean lines and a stringent expression, with functionality that makes our products useful in everyday life. For wall-mounted toilet brushes, this means they don't take up floor space, which is especially advantageous in smaller rooms. Additionally, it is also easier to clean the floor without having to move too many things around first - in hotels and businesses, this is a particularly significant advantage for cleaning staff. With a wall-mounted toilet brush in a material that either matches or complements the rest of the interior, you also have the opportunity to make a design statement in the bathroom. A bathroom is a space of a highly practical nature, where certain elements simply cannot be avoided - and that is why we at FROST have put our aesthetic touch on these everyday objects, allowing you to create a visually satisfying bathroom or toilet.



Choose a wall-mounted toilet brush from your preferred design series

When selecting from our wall-mounted toilet brushes, you have several options depending on your preferences and the style you want them to fit into. One thing is that you can choose between surfaces and finishes - another is that you can also consider which design series you like best. Our wall-mounted toilet brushes are available in both a cylindrical and an angular holder - the cylindrical one is part of our NOVA2 series, while the angular one comes from the QUADRA series. By choosing the same design series as your wall-mounted toilet brush for the rest of the bathroom's interior, you can achieve a harmonious and consistent look. All the interior items in our series are created to speak the same language and support a design concept that is well-thought-out from start to finish - down to the tiniest details. Whether you are looking for door handles, shelf holders, or soap dispensers, you can find the perfect piece of interior at FROST that fits into your concept.