Living Collection

The living collection is a series of stylish lifestyle accessories made of stainless steel and is available in several FROST-finishes. The series includes numerous products for the home as candleholders, bowls, vases, trays, and kitchen roll holders. The different designs are kept in a clean and timeless expression, which makes it easy to style the existing interior with our living collection.


The Living collection includes a series of candleholders for tealights and dinner candles. The design is minimalist, and the candleholders are available in 6 FROST-finishes. Our range of candleholders includes chambersticks, single candleholders, and double candleholders. Several of the candleholders can be turned upside down, combined or stacked to sculptural but simple decorations that will light up in any room.



Vases and Bowls

The vase and bowls from the living collection comes in 6 FROST-finishes. The bowls are available in 3 sizes adding to their unique appearance. The vase has a simple design with an elegant shape.


The stylish design makes it easy to style your home with our vases and bowls.




The living collection also includes a minimalist series of products for the kitchen. The series includes a salt and pepper set, kitchen roll holders in 2 sizes, 2 different trivets, and trays in 2 different sizes. The products are available in 6 FROST-finishes except the trays that come in a Matt Black og Matt White finish.