ORIGINALS is a collection that celebrates the unique design. The collection emphasises the creation of timeless designs that stand out significantly, but still can be used in a wide range of interior design projects. FROST Originals is designed by busk+hertzog among others.


The collection includes numerous designs that can be used separately or in combinations. Most of the iconic designs have received design awards from Red Dot Award, Good Design, IF Design Award, Interior innovation Award, and German Design Award.


LULU is a beautiful, decorative, and functional hook. Inspired by an open flower the LULU hook blossoms on your wall with its welcoming and creative design. LULU can be used for hangers, jackets, umbrellas, bags, scarves etc. The hook comes in two different sizes/depths and 9 FROST finishes. The LULU hook can be mounted individually or in creative combinations on the wall. The possibilities are endless – it is only the imagination that sets the limit.




The Wishbone hall stand is modern and unconventional in its design. The purist replication of a tree trunk with branches acted as inspiration for this design idea resulting in an elegant and functional hall stand. The Wishbone hall stand comes in several combinations of powder coated steel and polished stainless steel in a variety of FROST finishes. Altogether, the Wishbone hall stand is both versatile and sculptural in its appearance. It adds excitement to modern spaces and can be used in private homes, public spaces, and offices.


The Wishbone Table is charismatic and modern in its appearance with a design inspired by a wishbone. The asymmetrical placement of the table leg adds a dynamic momentum to the form of the table and ensures its functionality as a “C table”. The tabletop can be placed over a seating area as support for a laptop or as a side table for a cup of coffee.


The Wishbone table is made of powder coated steel and aluminium. It comes in three sizes and the 2 FROST finishes: Matt Black and Matt White.



Crossway and Rada 

Crossway is both a sophisticated and practical hall stand. The many colour combinations combined with the timeless design, makes it suitable for both home, office, and restaurants. The top section rotates independently, and it is suitable for use in corners or areas with limited space.

Crossway is available in 6 combinations of matt and polished FROST finishes.


RADA is a shoe rack with a minimalistic design in polished stainless steel and powder coated steel. The unique design of RADA gives the option to place the shoes in diverse ways. RADA is suitable for high heels as well as trainers and boots. The discreet wall plate with concealed mounting also serves as protection for the wall besides giving a strong and cleaning friendly fixing to the wall.


RADA comes in 2 sizes (600 mm and 1000 mm length) as well as the two finishes Matt Black and Matt White. The shoe rack’s polished stainless-steel parts come in Polishes Gold, Polished Copper, and Polished Stainless steel.



Camouflage and mini camouflage

Camouflage is a series of sculptural hooks that can be used for creating functional and creative decorations on the wall. The hooks come in two different sizes: Camouflage and Mini Camouflage.


The Camouflage hook is available as singles or in sets of 3. The different camouflage sets are mounted on the wall with feet in 3 different depths. The mounting makes it possible to create 3-dimentional wall decorations that functions as hooks for jackets, bags, and umbrellas. The sets are available in 6 different combinations of finish. The Camouflage hook can also be used individually, and it is available in several FROST-finishes. The hook comes with feet in 65 mm, but it is possible to purchase feet in other depths.


Mini camouflage is also available as singles or in sets of 3 with the same finish. The sets come in 15 different finishes and is mounted on the wall with feet in one depth. The mini camouflage can also be purchased as singles and is available in 13 FROST-finishes.