Designing products to last is not just about creating long-lasting, durable items; it's also an art of balancing innovation and sustainability to meet the needs of today without compromising the well-being of future generations. Our products carry a Danish design heritage and timelessness and are reminding us of the value in products that endure and the stories they tell throughout their extended lifespans.

It is a design philosophy that transcends functionality and becomes part of our cultural and environmental narrative.


Our industry is reliant on materials. That is why choosing, creating demand for, and innovating materials with lower negative impact — alongside reducing overall resource use and decoupling it from business growth — are key to our strategy.

All raw materials are sourced locally and include 304 stainless steel, aluminium and glass.



Stainless steel and aluminium are incredibly green materials because they are 100 percent recyclable. Frost Denmark designs products with a focus on durability and reusability.


We optimize transportation logistics to reduce the carbon footprint of its supply chain. This includes promoting eco-friendly shipping and optimizing routes.

By focusing on circularity, climate, and nature, Frost Denmark demonstrates a commitment to responsible manufacturing. The aim is to minimize the environmental impact, reduce carbon emissions, and actively contribute to the protection of the natural world in which we operate.



Stainless steel, aluminium and glass are a non-toxic material, meaning that it does not release any harmful chemicals into the water it holds or the environment.


Efficient water management is crucial for stainless steel due to its reliance on water processes. By adopting responsible water usage practices, Frost Denmark not only reduces its environmental impact but also contributes to local ecosystem protection, supports sustainable sourcing, and demonstrates its dedication to corporate responsibility.



We have a passion for crafting designs that tell stories of durability and enduring charm.  High-quality stainless-steel alloys that boast a great resistance to corrosion and wear.


Our selection process is not just about stainless steel; it is about handpicking alloys with a resilience that can defy the harshest conditions. We do not compromise when it comes to choosing the perfect blend that guarantees the longevity of our products.